With your help, Shakepay is now officially 100,000 customers strong. And for that, we thank you.

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This is huge news for Bitcoin in Canada and a testament to the growing interest in the principles of self-sovereignty across the country.

Shakepay was born to help Canadians become financially self-sovereign and to help bring you economic freedom.

Together we're creating open access to building wealth for all Canadians, one shaker at a time.

Canadians across the country, from over 2,000 cities, of all ages, have been using Shakepay to build their wealth with as little as $5.

Thank you for your trust—we hold it in high regard and work hard everyday to preserve it.

Thank you for your support—we’re grateful for all our shakers cheering us on from the sidelines and we love rewarding you and your friends.

Thank you for your contribution—we know a financially self-sovereign world is within reach, and you’re making it happen by sharing your knowledge and interest in bitcoin.

And if you’re keen to help us build a world where people have greater economic freedom, toss your friends and family your referral link, or join our fiery team. We’re hiring in a bunch of roles across Canada.

Onwards and upwards. 🚀