Stack sats with your friends

Stack sats with your friends

#ShakeSquads 🤝

Join a #ShakeSquad with up to 4 other shakers to earn bonus sats on each other’s Shakepay Card purchases. Whenever a fellow squad member uses their Shakepay Card, everyone in the squad gets 42 bonus sats. We call these “bonus” sats because you get them on top of your regular cashback rewards. Basically, more buys = more sats for you and the squad.

Creating a #ShakeSquad 👑

If you’ve used your Shakepay Card before, you can create your own #ShakeSquad now in the Shakepay app. Start in the Card tab and look for the big blue button that says “Create a #ShakeSquad.” You can’t miss it. Once you name your squad and choose an emoji emblem, you can send invites to your friends using their @shaketags. Once somebody joins, you can start earning bonus sats together.

Joining a #ShakeSquad ⭐

More like Satsie Hawkins dance. Aside from creating your own, #ShakeSquads are invite-only.

When you get an invite, take a minute to feel special—you were chosen by someone who wants to stack sats with you and that is a special bond.

You can join a squad even if you haven’t used the Shakepay Card before, but you’ll need to use the card to start earning and contributing bonus rewards.

#ShakeSquad statuses 🌱

Your status indicates whether you’re earning and contributing sats for the squad.

⭐ Contributor - You’re a Shakepay Card user. Your purchases contribute to the squad, and theirs to you. You can also invite others to join the squad.

🌱Rookie - You haven’t used your card yet. You might want to get on that because you won’t contribute or earn bonus rewards until you do. When you use the Shakepay Card for the first time, you’ll automatically become a ⭐ Contributor.

Full details in our FAQ

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