We’re super excited to share some updates with the community today. Shakepay is now commission-free!

Pricing update

Old fee: 0.75%
New fee: 0%

Over the last few months, we’ve reduced our cost of operations and we’re passing these savings along to our customers. This means more bitcoin for your buck when buying and selling on Shakepay.

All funding details remain the same (tl;dr: fast & no fees)

But Shakepay, how do you make money?

In short, Shakepay captures the difference between the buy and sell prices.

With more transactions on Shakepay, we’re able to take the other side of our customer purchases reducing our cost of operations and, in effect, reducing the prices for all transactions.

Since we launched in 2018, we’ve had a history of reducing prices for our customers and we’ll continually do so.

Our mission is to create open access to building wealth and that starts by giving our customers more bitcoin for their buck.

Buy & sell commission-free on Shakepay

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