Shakepay’s 2019 in review

2019 was a formidable year. We saw immense growth in transaction volume and accounts created at Shakepay.

2019 was a formidable year. We saw immense growth in transaction volume and accounts created at Shakepay.

And 2019 was the year I saw a complete stranger on the bus using the Shakepay app. That blew me away.

Now, as we end the year, I’d like to highlight three things we did at Shakepay:

  • Instant CAD cashouts
  • Commission-free purchases and sales
  • Customer support that cares

You should always have access to your wealth. Always.

We hate it when our money is not within hand’s reach. It’s that icky feeling that we may never access it again. So we changed that.

Now, every time you send money out of Shakepay, it gets sent out right away, 24/7. This includes Bitcoin and Ethereum cashouts to the blockchain and Canadian dollar cashouts to your bank account.

We have no withholding periods, no pending transactions, and no processing times. You should always be able to control your wealth and we’ll keep delivering.

The second, commission-free purchases and sales.

Our commissions gone, our spreads dropped, and the big winner here is you. You get more bitcoin for your buck thanks to the many improvements we’ve made to our matching engine.

And with these improvements, we’ve sold over $150M in 2019.

The third is our customer service.

The median sale on Shakepay is about $150, which is tiny. We built Shakepay for the everyday Canadian and what’s great is that we get to meet thousands of you and help teach you all about bitcoin.

In 2019, we answered 29,679 customer service messages. That’s a lot of messages. We end the year with a median first response of under 45 minutes and a 84% happiness score (big shoutout to Alysia and Dil).

As we end the year, I can only be reminded that Bitcoin is still in its infancy.

Each of us, bitcoin veterans and today’s newbies, share part in creating the future. Buying, selling, sending, sharing, shaking, we are the way forward.

Bitcoin is money by the people, for the people. Bitcoin will be in the pocket of every one of us. We are building a world where individuals are self-sovereign and are in full control their own wealth.

And we will not stop. Just watch us.

This last decade proved that money can be built from the bottom-up. This next decade will be the one that confirms it.

Happy New Year

— Jean