Pay friends instantly⚡️ and for free on Shakepay

Pay friends instantly⚡️ and for free on Shakepay

We just launched our peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system out of beta, allowing you to pay friends with Canadian dollars, bitcoin, and ethereum instantly, for free.

Simple transactions between two people should be as seamless as possible. In the same way that Bitcoin enables you to be self-sovereign and control your own wealth, Shakepay’s P2P brings you closer to accessing the best tools to build your wealth.

How shakers are using P2P

Pay back a pal

Did your friend spot you at brunch? No sweat. You’ve got some CAD left from your last Shakepay referral. A couple of taps and you’re all set.

Gift some sats

You’ve been shaking your phone diligently and have amassed a small fortune. It also happens to be your brother’s birthday, so why not throw him some sats as a birthday gift? A satoshi a day keeps inflation away!

Help Grandpa become self-sovereign

It’s never too late to become financially self-sovereign. Help Grandpa get set up with a Shakepay account and send him some BTC to show him how quick and easy it is to stack sats.

Settling up with friends can now be as quick and easy as buying bitcoin is on Shakepay.

Pay friends on the Send page

First, we’d like to make one thing clear: this feature will only work between two Shakepay users. P2P transactions occur off-chain, meaning they don't actually hit the blockchain, so we're able to process the transactions instantly and offer it to you without any transaction fees.

To start paying friends, head to Send on the app and type in your friend’s @shaketag (their username) or select them from your contact list.

From there, set the amount you want to send and you're golden. Your pals will receive the money instantly, and you won't incur any transaction fees for being such an awesome friend.

Discover friends on Shakepay

Discovery allows you to connect with your contact list on Shakepay. Enable it by pressing Enable phone contacts on the Send page or in Settings.

We built Discovery with a privacy-and-security-first approach, so we’ll never receive the phone numbers in your contact list when it’s enabled.

Enjoy using Shakepay with friends and as always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact our support team at

Help make the world financially self-sovereign

At Shakepay, we believe everyone should be in control of their own wealth. We're making it easy to access and use Bitcoin to achieve economic freedom.

If you're interested in helping the world become financially self-sovereign, come join our team—we're hiring.