Our first bitcoin mural is live in Montreal

Our first bitcoin mural is live in Montreal

We’re taking the Bitcoin Golden Age to the street. Not just any street: the Main, our hometown’s iconic St Laurent blvd. In partnership with Mural Fest, the awesome Quebec artist collective, Projet Tyxna is beautifying the wall at Moog Audio (3828 St Laurent Blvd) with their interpretation of the Bitcoin Golden Age.

It pays to visit this mural in-person. Literally. Scan the QR code at the site and you’ll receive a $30 referral credit after you sign up and buy your first $100 of bitcoin. The mural will live on the wall for at least a year, and we plan on switching up the function of its QR code every once in a while to keep things interesting.

If all goes well in Montreal, we want to create murals in major cities across Canada to feature local artists, experiment with different QR code functions (free sats seems pretty obvious), and spread the optimism of the financial renaissance that is Bitcoin Golden Age.

Besides, what’s a renaissance without art?

Mural Fest runs from June 9 - 19. Check out the art-in-progress all fest long, and follow us on Twitter and TikTok for updates.