Join us: a chat with Shakepay's CTO & Co-Cofounder

Join us: a chat with Shakepay's CTO & Co-Cofounder

We're excited to introduce weekly Meet the Team calls on our Discord server!

This is something our community had asked for and we think it's a great chance to bring you closer to the people that are building the platform that you use every day!

This week's guest: Roy, Shakepay's CTO and Co-founder.

Join us today (15th) at 5:00pm EDT, for a chat in on our Discord server. I'll get the show started by asking Roy a few questions around why he started Shakepay and the company's culture, then I'll open it up to the floor for questions.

It'll be fun! Don't miss it.

Join us on Discord.

Hiring 🚀

If you're excited about the possibility of bringing the Bitcoin Standard to every Canadian, we're hiring!

There are three roles in particular that I want to highlight:

  • People Ops Coordinator –– Someone to build on our strong culture, lead us forward, and ensure that we continue to excel as a team, even as we grow
  • Recruiter –– Someone ambitious to help us find and hire the best shakers
  • Creative Director –– Someone to help lead and refine the Shakepay brand

If you think you'd be a good fit for any of those roles, apply! We'd love to hear from you. And if you know someone that would be a good fit, forward them this email.