We’re beyond excited to share this fantastic news!

Every time you cash out your Canadian dollar funds, we’re now automatically and instantly sending out the Interac e-Transfer. This means at any time of the day, 24/7, your Shakepay funds will be sent to your email right away.

Just a heads up, while we are sending the transfer right away Interac sometimes delays sending you the email notification. This means it can take up to one hour before the funds are in your bank account.

At Shakepay, we believe always having access to your money goes a long way to building wealth. We’ve built our entire company around these values and we’re very excited to have instant cash outs live for all of our customers.

Join us on our mission to create open access to building wealth.

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About Shakepay

Shakepay is the easiest way for Canadians to buy/sell bitcoin and pay their friends. We’re on a mission to enable open access to building wealth.