Fingerprint unlock & transaction history

Fingerprint unlock & transaction history

Unlock Shakepay with your fingerprint 🐾

In the latest Shakepay version, we’ve replaced the in-app PIN code with your phone’s device lock.

This option will be enabled by default if your device has device lock enabled and you may disable the prompt on the settings page.

Currently supported:

iPhone: Face ID, Touch ID, passcode, or password.
Android: Most devices that support face recognition and fingerprint lock are supported, along with the standard pattern, PIN, or password locks.

Unlock Shakepay with your fingerprint!

Transaction history

We’ve made available a downloadable CSV of your transaction history on Shakepay. You can request it either on the web (see below) or on mobile via the Settings page.

This has been available for a few weeks and should help when filing your taxes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at or via email at

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