Inspired by a post on our subreddit, we’re going to try something new for Thanksgiving this year.

This Thanksgiving Monday all fees collected by Shakepay will be donated to charity to help feed the hungry.

Over 850,000 Canadians rely on food banks every month, one third being children. Organizations like Food Banks Canada are working hard to make sure no one goes hungry this Thanksgiving and we’ll be supporting them with a donation this year.

To participate, all you have to do is buy or sell using the Shakepay app on Monday (midnight to midnight EST).

With you, we will do our small part to help make things better for all Canadians.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Jean Amiouny
CEO, Shakepay

Update: We’ve received requests to donate directly to the cause. If you’d like to donate in crypto directly, you can send anonymous donations to the following addresses.
BTC: 167FDpqzupnTuD2vHsbpqqciiNs5AzQHJy
ETH: 0x1c7c75921ba4538da07d54e6f40e09cce225715a